„Democratically Together(Betzavta)!” Training of trainers course application

The project aims to use a method that combines theoretical and experiential aspects within one method focusing on societal issues as well as the role of each individual within the society. The idea behind it is that self-awareness and personal responsibility are vital to healthy democracy and a diverse yet tolerant societies and their developments. Therefore, the project seeks to give the participants the opportunity to explore and try out the connection between their individual behaviour, positions to situations, attitudes and their visible effects on other individuals, sub-groups and the society from an experiential perspective. The activity will utilize non-formal education tools, mainly the Betzavta method, an innovative approach to civic education which is highly adopted and used in educational field in Western Europe. The project will strengthen its participants, which will be youth workers from different coutnreis, in the competences of critical self-reflection and conflict resolution and to use the method in their own youth work. Thus, the project aims to support individuals to become more effective agents of social change and building a society built on democratic values.

The project will be consisting of two trainings.
First tranining will mainly focus on the participants getting to know the method, mainly the Betzavta method and thus supporting them in the self-reflection and self-awareness as well as consulting their values, beliefs and ways they want to engage for a democracy-based society.

Second training (trainings of trainers) will focus on giving the youth workers all needed knowledge, experience and tools to become a Betzavta trainer themselves. The participants will all be a facilitator with an Betzavta exercise (usually called activity) and the support and feedback of the certified trainers as well as the other participants – as this training is very much focused on learning from and with another. Some of the main thematical focuses of the activities will be equality and equity, freedom, principles of democracy, majority/minority relationship and democratic decisionmaking and different rights (such as women´s rights, human rights etc.). The sessions will be build up
by combining an active part (exercise or action) and a part with encouragement of reflection and sharing of views. This is aimed to increase the participant’s experiential understanding of their attitudes and behaviors, and how they relate to the world around them and other people’s values and needs.

The programs if all activities also include field trips, group activities outside the methods, free evenings to relax and process the experience and to give them opportunities to exchange outside of the program. The program will also include a presentation of the organizations and on Erasmus+ opportunities and the YouthPass. The sending and organizations can also expect to create new collaborations, and gain valuable experience in non-formal education methods as well as having members be qualified Betzavta trainers.


Who can participate in the training course:

Youth workers, youth leaders who directly work with young people with refugees and migrants’ background and represent youth organisations;
Youth workers, youth leaders who have experiences at least implementing one youth exchange;
Ready to take part in the whole training course;
To be able to communicate English language.
18 + Years old

Deadline: 31 of Agust 2021.

Please fill the form and send to the kkulturnetz@gmail.com